Monday, 30 March 2015

Wornderful city here I come!

I am going to Rio de Janeiro this week, I´m staying 13 days yayyyyy!! No more coldness, is time to get some sun into my skin B-). Last time I was in Rio it was in the world cup sooo last summer, almost a year ago, so long time! I miss my family and friends sooo muchhhh, but there are other few things that I´ve been missing so badly, here are some of it: 

1 - Sunset on the beach: 

Honestly one of the most relaxing things to do when I`m in Rio, is to walk by the side of the beach from Leblon to Ipanema and see the most beautiful sunset ever. Sometimes people just start clapping because is just ahhhhhhh so amazig!! Even if you are a local doesn`t matter how many times you have seen it, you will still be amazed by it.

2 - Foooooooooooood!

Don´t get me wrong, I think Finnish food is simple and nice but as a Brazilian I need my RICE and BEANS.... and coxinha (made with chicken and popato dough), fresh natural juices, good meat, cheap drinks :DD. These drink you see in the photo is amazinggg, you can choose the flavor you like, that one is strawberry and has 1 litre of vodka in it hahahaha, is perfect for sharing with friends in a hot day. Second photo is our traditional "everyday" food, rice, beans, some meat, salad and maybe bit of french fries hehe. Thrid photo is the LEGENDARY COXINHA, only the ones that have tasted it knows how amazing it is and understand why I miss it so much :,(((((((

3 - I miss being outside without freezing!

Here is a photo from the view of the Sugar Loaf!

I hope I can take some nice photos in Rio, so I can show also the "normal life"side of Rio ;) and not just typical tourist.
Love you Finland but I need some warmth!!

-Fernanda ;)

Saturday, 28 March 2015



I have been loving all sorts of fruits and berries lately. The reason behind it might be the summer that is peaking around the corner and the awesome feeling I get from it! All types of fruit and berries are so good for your whole body. They have vitamins and minerals that are vital to you. What better way to consume these healthy nutrients is there than making a delicious smoothie!


Here is the recipe:
(For 1 glass)
1 banana
1 apple
1 kiwi
1 avocado
1/2 orange
and a handful of  frozen blueberries

Put all the chopped fruit to a blender and mix away.
Then add the deliciousness to a glass enjoy, and feel great after drinking it!

It is important to put the blueberries when they are frozen in the blender to get the right consistency.

Also this recipe makes a huge glass of smoothie so if you are not that hungry or just prefer your smoothie a bit smaller, add only a half of a banana.

Let me know if you tried this recipe or if you have any suggestions in making these!

Thank you for reading!
Love, Reetta

Monday, 23 March 2015

Second hand store - Adidas superstar

The culture of second hand stores is quite big in Finland, in Brazil not so much. Actually, I think I've never been in one in Brazil :0, shame on me. There are soooo many second hand stores around Tampere, I pass by them all the time but I never really went inside to explore the place. So, finally last week we decided to do a second hand store tour!

Second hand stores are that kind of place, where you need to pay attention, there are lot of stuff everywheree. Some stuff are nice but some are really "why are you selling this even?!  I could probably wash my floor with this piece of fabric". Thus, when you go to one, you need to go with an 
open mind, lot of patience and energy so you can search and focus to find the good stuff.
We went in a total of 3 places, even though I got lucky already in the first one *.*!!! I couldn't even believe how lucky I was, maybe it was beginners luck.

Is funny how fashion comes and goes, the Adidas superstar is the kind of shoes I used when I was like 13 years old and now is back in fashion!! I love to be comfortable, I can not handle heels, so I am loving the fact that sneaker "culture" is so strong now a days. I really wanted specifically, the Adidas Superstar in Black, and guessss what I found my sizeee for 20 euros, while in the stores is like 99euros?!?! Yesss *.* . 

Shoes Adidas superstar in balck //Adidas phone cover

    Inspiration photos:
1. from mydubio // 2. from fashionlandscape

- Fernanda ;)

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Into the woods

One thing that Finland has a lot is FOREST!! The type of the nature here is totally different from Brazil, for obvious reasons: the weather. In Brazil, you can´t really just freely walk through the forest whenever you want. It needs to be that kind of one day planned activate.

In Brazil the forest is soooo dense, that you will need like a sword to cut the branches, to avoid that you need to walk in already made paths. Second problem, is kind of dangerous to walk in the woods, for safety reason such as thieves :(. If you walk in a proper natural park in a track during the day is super finee, there is no problem. But here in Finland is sooo cool that there is forest everywhere, and you can just walk through it whenever you want.

In Finland there is this law called everyman´s right, that basically allows people to walk around whereverrrr they want, as long as it doesn´t bother the owner of the land. Here you don´t see fences dividing the lands, that is soo cool! In addition, the forest is not very dense, so you can just pass through it with no problem, you don´t need to follow an already made path. Basically everywhere that is little away from downtown you will find a nice forest.

We decided to have a little walk around the nature while we were going to my bf´s parents’ house. Even though it was a bit cold, it was very relaxing and fun thing to do! Of course I am wearing my everyday furry coat, is the warmest jacket I have atm :D.

R.I.P phone :(

Yep, it happened my phone tragically died :,((((! I droped my beloved phone down the toilet. Everything happened so fast, I have no idea how I dropped it. It was totally my fault, I was super sad and angry with myself, feeling so stupid but my bff calmed me down and convinced me that, oh well, acidents happen. It just sucks that the phones are so damnnn expensive.

After this happened, I started to search on google about water damage, I also started to talk with people about it. I got to the conclusion, that this actually happens much more often then I thought! That made me feel bit better hahaha. Along the way I found out WHAT and WHAT NOT to do when your phone decides to go swimming. I really wish I would have known this things when it happened, maybe then my phone would had a chance to survive.

1- Grab it asap!! If your phone falls into water, doesn't matter where, darling, you will HAVE to get it out as fast as possible! You just have to put your hand there and grab it, in my case inside the toiled x.x (thank god it was after flushing).

2- Do NOT try to turn it on!! You grabbed it like a champion, adrenaline is rushing and you will either grab paper to try drying it or you are going to try to turn it on, in case it turned off. First mistake I did, was that I grabbed paper to dry it and same time I tried to turn it on. I tried to put it on sooo many times all, because all I was thinking  was "Pleaseee turn it onn, pleasee pleasee".

Passing paper will help drying outside, but the main problem is that your phone is wet inside. Since it's wet inside you should NOT TRY TO TURN YOUR PHONE ON, it will cause a short circuit and then your phone is gone for good.
If your phone is still on after you dropped into water,  you should shut it off immediately, otherwise since is wet inside it might lead to short circuit as well.

3- Open the phone. For Iphones this is almost impossible, but for other phones it helps if you open your phone and remove all the stuff that you can, for example battery, sim card, memory card.

4- Dry it! The famous rise bowl trick. Put your phone inside a rise bowl or a bowl full with Silica gel. These two products will help to "suck the water" out of your phone. You should leave the phone inside the bowl for around 2/3 days. I know it might be hard but remember do not try to put it on yet, just leave it there don't touch it. After 2/3 days have passed then you might try to turn it on.
I committed so bad mistake, after one day only I tried to charge it -.-. Now I know, stupid move.

5- Do not fool Apple. After all this your phone might or might not work again, or it might work for some days and then break. If you still have the 1 year Apple warranty and is going try to play smart and go to the store and say " I dont know what happaned my phone just stoped working!" the person there will probably laugh at you. The Iphone comes with a water sensor. It turns red or pink when it comes in contact with water. Since Apple doesn't cover water damage, your only solution is to get a new one :(.

How to locate the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) :

  • Iphone 5/5s:

  • Iphone 4/4s: 

I hope this doesn't happens to you, but if it does maybe theses tips will help to save your phone.
If you know any other tricksss, let us know!!

- Fernanda :)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


On the 15th of February my friends started a restaurant for one day. It was the restaurant day, where a lot of people just decide to make a restaurant for a day, Usually it is in their apartment, and they offer food for family and friends and even strangers. So my three friends made a facebook event and tried to get the seats full to their five settings. The meal had three courses. Starter soup, main course (fish or meat) and a surprise dessert!
The starter soup was atrichoke soup with reindeer and rye-garlic croutons. 

For the main course, there was two options, either meat or fish. I took the fish and my friend took the meat.

The meat main course was beef sirloin with red wine sauce, parsnip mousse and vegetables.

The fish main course was char with hollandeise sauce, parsnip mousse and vegetables.

And for the dessert.. Oh my.. Chocolate soufle with raspberry sorbet. It was so goood!

The food was so delicious. I ate it all and felt soooo full after it!
The price for the whole meal was 20€ and if you wanted to drink wine it was 10€ extra. All the profit that my friends made for this day were donated to Uusi Lastensairaala 2017-campaing.

 Here is a link where you can also donate:

Thank you for reading!
love, Reetta

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Hiii againn!
My Prague post is still not ready. I have so many pictures so its not easy to pick the best ones ;)

Photo taken from here

 Anyway, on tuesday 17th me and my friends got to see the movie LUOKKAKOKOUS a week before the premiere. It is a movie written and directed by Taneli Mustonen. The three main characters and they are played by Aku Hirviniemi, Sami Hedberg and Jaajo Linnonmaa
 LUOKKAKOKOUS is a hilarious comedy about three friends going to their school reunion.

Sami Hedber and Jaajo Linnonmaa came to talk to us about the movie with the movie crew.

The movie was so hilarious! I do really recommend to go and watch it. It is just the kind of a movie that makes you scream of laughter :D

Tell me if you have seen the movie and weather you liked it or not!
Thanks for reading!

-love, Reetta